20th European Congress on Obesity – Interviews with expert presenters


The 20th European Congress on obesity was hosted by the European Associaltion for the Study of Obesity (EASO) in Liverpool. With levels of obesity still increasing the objectives of the Congress is to:

– communicate state of the art research into obesity

– to help foster innovative approaches for  prevention and treatment of obesity and the associated diseases

– provide a platform for experts in research and management of obesity

Over 1,700 people attended the Congress.

EUFIC interviewed 10 of the speakers at the Congress in the form of audio podcasts. (Note: EUFIC have been trained on the equipment and techniques of audio interviewing by ourselves).

Once the podcasts are recorded they are uploaded to us so we can edit and post-produce. Once reviewed and final edits made as necessary EUFIC can upload them onto their web site for anyone to access and listen to. The podcast interviews can be found on EUFICs website here.

As 10 experts were interviewed at the Congress we produced a single program and in addition create single podcasts for each export. The audience can choose what to listen to on the EUFIC website.



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