Cruise Lecturer Association – Mike Curtis

We produce all the videos in the South for the Cruise Lecturers Association (CLA) using our recording and editing studios in Southampton.

The CLA provide lecturers to five of the largest cruise lines in the UK and are expanding into the USA and other International markets.

The videos of lecturers are there to help the cruise liner management decide who they would like to book to entertain and educate their passengers.

In this video we hear from Mike Curtis about his career in the Navy, first with the surface fleet and then on submarines. He also talks about the steam locomotive restoration project he has been involved with since 1999.

The process for all Lecturers is the same. When we take the booking we ask the lecturer to prepare a draft script or notes on their career and specialist subject or subjects. Some prefer to use the autocue and full script and others prefer to present to bullet points. We also ask them to bring any pictures, diagrams and images that they would like us to use to help illustrate their presentation. Presenting to camera is a challenge for some and we are always available to share our experience and advice if necessary. For the most part lecturers prior career experience has made them fully capable of presenting to camera as well as engaging a live audience when on board.

We also ask them to wear specific styles and colours of clothing so we can use a green screen during recording. Some have specific uniforms or clothing that relates to their talk. This needs careful checking. It is onto this green screen that we edit in the images they have provided to us. The effect is that it can appear that the image is being back projected behind the presenter.

The videoing is often done in a single take, especially if the lecturer has prepared and practiced what they want to say. But we are always happy to re-shoot on the day until they feel 100% happy. We then use the photos and images provided and create a ‘to be approved’ video. This is reviewed and approved by the client (or suggested edits made) and then reviewed by the CLA management. If everything is OK it is uploaded online to the CLA YouTube channel and made available publicly for cruise booking agencies to view and make bookings from.

The whole process from start of recording, through editing to approval and being online ready to go live can be done in a few hours.

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