Meet Storm: The latest video editing workstation


There was a whirl-wind of excitement in the studios last week at Focus as we welcomed the latest member of our team –  ‘Storm.’

As a video production company supplying multi-media content for clients it is important for us to be continually reviewing and updating our equipment and software to the latest specification. We need to also be adapting our workflow processes to suit. As an industry we have seen the pace of change over the last 10 years increase – we have to respond, invest and stay competitive so our clients can benefit.

At the heart of ‘Storm’ is a host of high performance features such as ultra fast graphics cards and a faster clock speed processor allow us to enhance our workflow and gives the editing team plenty of processing power.

Speed and power is especially important as we have now invested in 4k Ultra High Quality video cameras to support our move to shoot at that level as standard. We have done that for a number of reasons.

4k gives us enhanced shooting and editing opportunities. We can crop images tighter and it enhances the quality of ‘green screen’ filming. In addition producing content in 4k opens up many new opportunities for clients. Many broadcasters and news organisations are moving to 4k as standard so clients with content in this format have an opportunity to have their material used by broadcasters. It will not be long before national and then local broadcasters will only accept footage in 4k. The BBC is aiming to have moved to 4k by mid 2016. Coverage of the Olympics may well lead to boost in the sales of 4K TVs – especially if the price drops more by then. Once viewers have experienced the enhanced viewing experience that 4k brings people we can expect a big increase in demand. Two other advantages of 4k is that the quality of the video looks really amazing on projected large screen displays and also large format TVs.

Improvements in editing footage

It not just the user viewing experience that benefits. Our new workstation means we can edit video faster giving us the opportunity to turn around a day’s shoot much quicker. For events and conferences that is a major advantage as we often have to turn around content overnight. The workstation will help make this whole process easier.

This is especially important when we have tight deadlines or the client has an urgent need to release content for commercial or operational reasons.

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