Our new Zoom H6!
The H6 and its set of capsules

The H6 and its set of capsules

What a piece of kit!

We recently bought ourselves the new Zoom H6 six-track portable recorder and, spoiler alert, it is superb.

Immediately, the graphics shine through as a huge plus point.  The little sliders pop up in clear contrast and colour.  In the box you get the XY mic capsule and the MS (Mid / side) capsule (unfortunately not the extra two XLR/TRS input capsule which is available for £50) in addition to the four XLR inputs on the device.

Fixing either of the included mics onto the top of the H6 is easy-a simple squeeze system- and you’re ready to go.

I used the XY and was immediately up and recording.  Input volume?  Right on the capsule.  Visual level on the screen?  Check.  Record.  Quick chat.  Stop.  Playback?  Brilliant and clear.

This was shaping up to be something pretty special.

To add to the H6’s already inflated ego, here are some of the things we love about it.  It keeps all its settings when you format the SD card, something the H4n didn’t do-annoying.  With a 32GB SD card in, if you do one channel record it will record 94 hours.  With all four XLRs it will record for 23.5 hours.  TWENTY-THREE AND A HALF HOURS.  The volume dials are so easy to use and feel robust-better than the H4n where you had to enter the menus to do pretty much anything.  The pre-record is amazing.  It pre-records two seconds before you hit the record button meaning you’ll never miss the beginning of anything again.

Downsides, however, are that it doesn’t come with a power supply (easily acquired off eBay, but still) and the only other thing is when you use the optional XLR/TRS capsule those two don’t have phantom power in the two top ones (also easily obtainable from eBay).

On choice we’d have preferred to receive the XLR/TRS capsule over the Mid Side Mic capsule but that’s just the intended use for us.

That said, this piece of wonder is a handheld studio, perfect for any level of technicality.  We’re saving up to buy another one.

Our beautiful new toy!

Our beautiful new toy!

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