Podcast interviews – ensuring best quality


We have been using Skype for a number of years to record interviews with people for use in podcasts.

This saves the trouble of asking the interviewee to go to a local ISDN studio and link to our own studio in Southampton. It also saves the cost of the interviewee travelling to the studio and hiring the studio and sound engineers.

Whilst Skype is good for podcast interviews it does not give you much control over the recording quality which is essential if you want it to be broadcast or near broadcast standards. Skype is usually much better quality than doing an interview over the phone. The ultimate quality will also be ISDN studio-to-studio. Skype also has another disadvantage in that it requires it to be installed at both ends. Some organisations do not allow Skype to be installed on company computers.


What we need is an ISDN broadcast quality podcast recording without the need to visit a studio. We have now found a solution. It is called ipDTL. All the interviewee needs is Google Chrome installed and a headset with built in microphone and we can get great quality down-the-line interviews. Our subscription with ipDTL  (we pay an annual licence fee but interviewees get access for free without having to install anything) means we provide the interviewee with a URL for them to link to our site. This is the link.

Below are two sound recordings played one after another separated by a beep. The first one is made using Skype and the second using ipDTL. Both were recorded using the same identical equipment and settings.

Listen and see if you can tell the difference.

With the first recording using Skype you will notice there is slight ‘buzz’ on the line and a distortion to the voice sounding like a muffled echo.

After the ‘beep’ the same script was recorded using ipDTL. As you can hear that the recording is much clearer.

Whilst we still continue to use Skype are preference will now be to use ipDTL when recording podcasts for clients and our own ‘Out and About’ series.

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