Voice-over Recording at the Focus Studio

This page is designed to help producers and agencies understand what happens during a voice-over recording.

What kind of service do I need to book for my project and what kind of files will I need to supply?

Voice over recording at the Focus Studio in Hamble nr Southampton Hampshire - Studio Hire

Types of voice-over recording

First we need to know what kind of voice-over recording is taking place so we can prepare for your recording session, these include:-


This means the voice over artist will simply read from a supplied script without an audio or video guide.  The producer can instruct on the required delivery and feedback comments either in the studio or via dial in ‘down the line’.  Although recording wild, the audio may end up on a video such as an animation and the recorded sections of the script may need to hit a certain length or timing.

“To Picture”

Recording to picture usually involves following a script with timecode in order to record to the required sections of the video guide.  A ‘long-form’ project such as a documentary will usually have ‘BITC’, Burnt In Time Code within the video supplied that matches up with the script.

When recording to picture, a ‘Split Audio Guide’ track is also required.  This is essentially an audio mix down of music, sound effects and a guide voice track.  This could be a combined music and effects track (M&E) and separate guide voice track from the video editor.  The important thing here is that guide voice track is separated from the music and effects track.  The audio engineer can now feed the M&E backing track to the voice talent’s headphones and mute the guide voice track during the recording, referring to it when needed.

“Remote / Source-Connect”

Source-Connect is used for a ‘studio to studio link up’ via broadband internet connection.  It can record at broadcast audio quality, wild and to picture.  Source-Connect is very useful where one studio has the voice over artist and the other studio is listening in and or recording the artist.

Your voice over artist could be at our studio in Hamble, Hampshire, and the receiving studio anywhere in else in the world!  So in essence, you could book a local studio near you and a studio wherever the artist is based.  The studios connect and you can complete a session with the artist being recorded ‘down the line’, listen in and provide feedback.  It is important that all scripts, guide audio and video media should be provided in advance ahead of the recording.


Let’s explore what happens during a voice over recording to picture for a documentary with client/producer in attendance at the studio.

  • Ahead of time we will receive the video with ‘BITC’, split audio guide tracks and the script.  We prepare these files ready for the recording session.
  • When the voice talent and producer arrive, we will usually spend 10 minutes recording a run through of the first section.  This gives some time for the audio engineer to set a good recording level.  It also allows the voice talent to get warmed up and allows the producer to go check over any difficult pronunciations with the voice talent.
  • So now we have the audio and video guide ready to go, the voice talent is warmed up and we have all been supplied fresh coffee, we are ready to go!
  • As we make our way through the project, the audio engineer, voice talent and producer will feedback to each over on the recorded takes, requesting retakes, different pronunciations and possibly tweaks to the script.
  • Once we have finished the recording, we package the files and send back to the client as required.

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